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Parent Faculty Association

Vista has an active Parent Faculty Association (PFA).  The membership contributes many hours and dollars assisting our school program.  Each year the PFA provides support for awards assemblies, outdoor field trips, additional school supplies, technology, our music and art programs, and volunteers in the classroom.  Please support our PFA, which benefits Vista and your child.  There are many opportunities for parents to get involved on many different levels.  Meetings are held one Monday every other month at 7:00 p.m. and everyone is encouraged to attend.  We also host a "Doughnuts with the Principal" three times a year as an opportunity to share ideas to improve our school and enjoy good company. (VistaDelVallePfa)


President – Coordinates and Oversees PFA activities.

Betsy Brown


Vice President – Helps Coordinates PFA activities.



Treasurer – Official custodian of distributing funds of PFA.

Rita Tygard


Secretary – Keeps minute's of PFA meetings.

Elizabeth Fabela


Parliamentarian – President's adviser, overlook procedure's.


Upcoming PFA Sponsored Events:

PFA Meeting: Monday, January 7th @ 6:00pm

PFA Meeting: Monday, February 4th @ 6:00 pm

PFA Meeting: Monday, March 11th @ 6:00 pm

PFA Meeting: Monday, April 8th @ 6:00 pm

PFA Meeting: Monday, May 6th @ 6:00 pm